Our final stop today was the Dead Sea.  The lowest point on earth was definitely up to its reputation.  Again we had an uncharacteristically chilly and windy day, so much so that the lifeguards strongly discouraged us from swimming, but several brave and determined souls from our group floated in the Dead Sea anyway!  The water has no outlet, and since the area is typically very warm, it evaporates quickly, leaving a high concentration of minerals and rich mud.  The views were unbelievable – I could not get enough of the landscapes and changing scenery as the sun set and the clouds blew over.  Nearly everyone walked into the sea at least a few feet, and purchased some of the many beauty and health products made with the minerals harvested from the water and sand.  It was a beautiful and peaceful way to end our day’s travels, and we drove an hour to our third hotel of the trip, in the city of Jerusalem where we will spend the next five nights.