The NYC/Boston Pilgrimage: A Continued Adventure | August 6th, 2018 | By: Tatiana Lehocky

Our NYC Boston Pilgrimage adventures continued in Cambridge at Harvard University and Harvard square. Some explored the views and shops of Cambridge while others followed the guided listening tour on Harvard’s campus. We met up for a group dinner at John Harvard’s where we enjoyed good food even better quality time. The Saturday ended with devotionals where we shared highs and lows in groups back at the hotel. 

Sunday Morning’s Liturgy brought us to The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England, a beautiful church in downtown Boston. We joined the parishioners for coffee hour after the service and especially enjoyed their lobster rolls and koliva. Post- snacking, we got to hold a Q and A with Father Demetrios Tonias, the Dean of the Annunciation and spiritual father of Father Kosmas. Father Demetrios passionately engaged and welcomed our whole group during the service with his sermon and after with our chat session. He challenged us to stump him with our questions but provided a sound answer for each one we asked. We left the church feeling enlightened and ready to take on our first day in downtown Boston.

Boston’s public transportation train, the T, took us from the church to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for lunch. We divided and conquered between all the food options the marketplace had to offer. After lunch, we met our tour guide for the freedom trail and Boston tour. She took us through some of the most historical grounds of Boston, including the site of the Boston Massacre, the first public school ever built, and the burial sites of Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Sam Adams. We had some chill time after the tour to relax in the park and prep ourselves for that night’s BIG Red Sox vs. Yankees ball game at Fenway Park.

We took the T to Fenway Park (after finally finding a train that had room for us all) and distributed tickets for the big game. We sat right field for the game with a perfect view of the green monster. We treated ourselves to some ball park snacks while the game got off to a slow start. We celebrated some action in the 5th inning when the red sox made the first run of the game. OUT OF THE PARK! Despite our numerous attempts to dance and jump around in our salmon-colored tanks, we did not make it on the jumbo tron. 🙁 The yankees opened up the game in the 7th inning when they scored 4 runs. We left shortly after to rest up for Monday morning’s early Transfiguration Liturgy, but we missed a big come back!

This morning we packed our bags and checked out of the hotel before heading over to HCHC’s chapel for the Liturgy of the Transfiguration of Christ. After a late night of baseball and packing our bags, the 7 am Liturgy left us longing for some coffee and bagels. We traveled to the infamous Finagle a Bagel for coffee, bagels, or bagel sandwiches. Which brings us up to where we are now, in the vans on to our next part of the journey at St. Basil’s Academy. Can’t wait to see what this part of our pilgrimage has in store for us!