Chairpersons: Mary Ann Langas and Therese Speropoulos

On behalf of the Parish, the Outreach Committee partners with the Philoptochos chapter to follow the Way from Matthew 25:35–

…For I was hungry and you gave Me food

…I was thirsty and you gave Me drink

…I was a stranger and you took Me in

…I was naked and you clothed Me

…I was in prison and you came to Me


The committee arranges multiple opportunities for Parish members to participate in outreach events–

To feed those who are physically hungry or may be spiritually unfulfilled, yearning, or uncertain about life’s purpose:

Sack Lunch Program, 5th Fridays in 2015:  ~4 people, assemble and deliver 100 lunches

Saturday Lunch (First Presbyterian, Evanston):  ~8 people, serve and clean up

Sunday Soup Kitchen (St. Paul’s, Evanston): ~6-8 people, cook, serve, and clean up

Senior Center Luncheon (Glenview): ~10 people, serve and entertain

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Feb 10: 10-15 people, prepare, serve, and clothes donation

To provide drink to those who are physically thirsty or may be spiritually in need of refreshment:

College Outreach team (new in 2015)

To take in those who are physically strangers or may be spiritually feeling unwelcome or on the outside:

New Member Coffee Fellowship (new in 2015)

To clothe those who are physically naked or may be spiritually feeling embarrassed or vulnerable:

Multiple Philoptochos Events

To visit those who are physically in prison or may be spiritually feeling “imprisoned” by fear or dread:

Pan-Orthodox Prison Ministry


If you are interested in serving on the Outreach Committee,
contact Mary Ann Langas

Archived for Inspiration:

2013 OCMC Mission Team Chicago Dinner – Featuring Metropolitan AMBROSIOS of Korea

      Click to Listen to His Eminence's Lecture on Missions