April 16, 2019

Parish Oratorical Festival

This past Wednesday following the presanctified liturgy, our Youth participated in our Parish Oratorical Festival. We had entries in 5 categories, speech, essay, poetry, byzantine chant, and musical entries.

SSPP Parish Oratorical Festival

All of our contestants made it to the Metropolis level. Congratulations Anna Gordon, Ana Arzoumanides, Layla Ayaleanos, Alexa Argeros, and Elias Anderson! We wish you all luck at the metropolis level.

SSPP Parish Oratorical Festival

Jr./Sr. GOYA Spring Lenten Retreat!

Jr./Sr. GOYA Spring Lenten RetreatThis weekend, our Jr. and Sr. GOYA travelled to the Saint Iakovos Retreat Center and had their Spring Lenten Retreat. The theme of the retreat was “Holiness: Everywhere Present & Filling All Things.” We learned that the Liturgy and Sacraments are vital as well as our actions in our everyday lives to achieve and realize holiness. We learned we must empty ourselves so that we can be filled by Christ. Our kids also participated in the Game of GOYAn’s which included a scavenger hunt, skits and Glow-In-The-Dark capture the flag. It was a great weekend of fun, fellowship, and worship.

Jr./Sr. GOYA Spring Lenten Retreat