April 30, 2019

Parish Youth Choir

Our youth prepared this past month to participate and sing in the 1st Resurrection Service on Holy Saturday Morning. They sang responded to the petitions, and sang beautifully the Hymn of the Three Youths.

Family Palm Folding Night

Last Friday, our families got together and had a lovely palm folding night! We folded over 1,000 crosses, had our smallest cross competition, and enjoyed a nice lenten meal together before Holy Week. Thank you to all the families who came and folded our crosses!




Holy Week & Easter @ SSPP

Christ is risen! This Holy Week & Easter our kids really came together and made a huge impact on our parish. From folding palms the Friday before Holy Week, to cleaning and serving on Holy & Great Friday, to singing in the liturgy on Holy Saturday Morning, our youth were active, alive, and inspiring. The easter egg hunt was pushed indoors due to the massive amounts of snow on Saturday night, but our kids didn’t mind! They went into the Atrium and the gym and collected all the eggs and candies. This past week we enjoyed the feast together as a community in so many ways. Glory to God and Christ is risen.