SSPP Parish Council News
Many thanks to our clergy, Fr. Panagiotis and Deacon Ted, for the many services and sacraments leading up to and culminating in the Paschal celebration! Also, thanks to the speakers and ministries offering time and talent at the Lenten dinners following the six Presanctified Divine Liturgy celebrations on Wednesday evenings through Lent. Thank you, too, to the live stream team for enhancing participation from afar, whether closed-captioned to the Atrium or wherever the internet reached, on Palm Sunday and Pascha. If you missed the Anastasi celebration in Fellowship Hall following Pascha, please consider your plans for next year to join together in fellowship with the community for the Feast of Feasts, with thanksgiving for the planners, bakers, servers, and that special lamb recipe.

The Heart of the Matter

The Parish Council continues to follow the Parish Strategic plan toward 2025. The first four years have been very helpful in setting the course to realize a dynamic, welcoming and inviting, ministry-filled, and Christ-centered parish life. Executing the plan has also strengthened the office team, youth program, and ministry volunteer staff, enabling the parish to serve the needs of parishioners and others even through transition and uncertainty. Indeed, strategic thinking is infectious at the parish, now expanding to include a 15-year horizon for Capital Projects and the associated funding process over time. Please note, a successful strategy requires our mutual engagement.

The council also remains dedicated to communication with parish stewards. Two letters so far from the Council President have addressed the status and progress of the Priest search process. I will add here, that in late March, the Council unanimously adopted a motion supporting Fr. Panagiotis to remain our Proistamenos. Further communication on the Priest search, the Capital Projects Master Plan, and the regular business of the parish is scheduled for the Spring General Assembly, to follow Divine Liturgy on Sunday 5-MAY. As important, parish input to the mid-term state of the strategic plan and the emerging priorities of the Capital Master Plan will be sought through a new parish survey later this year.

I remind us all to Live the Faith…with Participation and Communication.