The interfaith council of Evanston brings Churches together to provide a meal each day of the week for the needy in the Evanston community. For years, the SSPP Outreach community has volunteered to help prepare and feed those in need by partnering with several Evanston Churches. This past week, we have had the opportunity to prepare and serve two meals.

March 23 - First Presbyterian Soup Kitchen March 23 – First Presbyterian Soup Kitchen

“I volunteered at the first Presbyterian church in Evanston through our outreach ministry. What a wonderful experience to be able to serve lunch to those not  as fortunate as myself. The people are grateful and always let you know it. You would have thought we served them a 7 course meal. It warms my heart to help in some way, even though it doesn’t seem like much. However, to those in need it means everything. I would highly recommend joining outreach.”
– Maria Chakos
  March 29th - Sack Lunch at the Church House

March 29th - Sack Lunch at the Church House
March 29th – Sack Lunch at the Church House

“Volunteering at the soup kitchen is both humbling and gratifying. To know that anyone of us could unexpectedly find ourselves struggling makes me thank God for support of family,friends,community. So I am grateful for the opportunity to give back. This being my first time with the Outreach program, compliments to all those who have volunteered over the years; it is a wonderful service.” 
– Joanne Trahanas

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