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2019 Stewardship Campaign
Living The Faith, By Putting God First

The 2019 Stewardship Campaign revolves around one thing: helping each of our members to put God first. First when it comes to allocating time within our busy schedules. First when it comes to our financial expenses. First when it comes to the impact on our lives.

Putting God first means making our Lord a priority in our lives. With so many competing demands for our time, attention, and finances we have to take a step back and ask ourselves, “Am I placing God first?” It is no coincidence that the Israelites whom God freed from slavery in Egypt would go on to establish the practice of offering Him the first fruits of their harvest (Deuteronomy 26:2&10). For His followers, God and the salvation that He brought them were the most important things they had ever experienced. To show what great priority He had in their lives, they would choose the best of what they had harvested for the year and offer that to God first, before using the rest of their harvest for themselves, their families, and to conduct business.

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Current Stewardship Figures
(updated September 2019)

Expenses Based on 2019 Budget


Income Based on 2019 Budget
# of SSPP Families 2019 Stewardship Goal


Stewardship FAQs

How much should I give in Stewardship?
– We do not have a set amount, or “dues” to be a member of our parish. Each family is asked to give according to their ability, and to Put God First. As a result, the actual amount will differ from family to family, but we do recommend that it is a sacrificial giving, an act and amount you feel as a sacrifice for God.

For further guidance, you can notice that Stewardship accounts for just 52% of our income. If our average family stewardship were an annual amount of $1700, we would be able to support our entire parish budget from stewardship alone.

How can I give my financial stewardship?
– The easiest way to make a stewardship offering is here through our website. You may also make your offering to our parish bookkeeper via credit card or check. More creative ways of giving financial stewardship also exist like the donation of stock, donations from your IRA or many other ideas your financial planner might be able to direct you.

Is it better to give all at once, or spread my annual giving out over the year?
– The most beneficial schedule of giving for the parish is on a monthly basis. This insures a regular and healthy balance in our accounts throughout the year.

For more information, please contact the church office at (847) 729-2235