December 4, 2018

St. Nicholas Gift Project

On Sunday, Church School had its annual St. Nicholas Project where each student in the Church School brought a gift for a girl or a boy in need! It was a beautiful day with a lot of joy! St. Nicholas must have been smiling at us this Sunday.

Sr. GOYA Coffee Talk

Our GOYAn’s got together this week and had a Coffee Talk. We each brought our favorite food and talk about gratitude, happiness and Joy.

Zoo Lights!

Our Jr. GOYAn’s were invited by the GOYA’s at St. Andrews and St. George in Chicago to go downtown to Lincoln Park Zoo and see the lights. We had a total of 40 GOYAn’s come from the three churches! We met at a Sai Mai Thai in Lincoln Park, got some delicious pad Thai and chicken noodle soup, and then walked to the zoo. We saw the lights, saw some monkeys and even caught some glimpses of the zebras. It was awesome getting to know new people and deepening our GOYA relationships. Thank you to all of our drivers and our GOYAn’s for making this awesome event possible.