February 19, 2019

Taco Talk

Last Tuesday, the GOYA got together for a “TacoTalk.” We discussed work and if it was a virtue or a necessary evil. We talked about priorities and our liturgy being defined as “work of the people.” Aside from this, Aris posed the question “Is sand yellow?” And this conversation is still being discussed a week later! A great day with the GOYA, we look forward to our next meeting this Friday!

Faith, Love & Joy

Faith, Love & Joy met for their February meeting. We discussed love and made Valentine’s Day crafts. Thank you to our awesome leaders Ava Ress, Maria Mantice, and Tommy Mantice.

Jr. GOYA Lock-In

Our first ever Jr. GOYA Lock-In was a success! The theme of our lock-in was “Everything in Love.” We spent some time in the church and talked about Love as an action. Specifically, the action of Christ on the Cross. We reflected that in the heart of love is sacrifice and action. We then went downstairs and wrote letters for people who are experiencing homelessness. We signed them with “You are not forgotten” and “You are loved.” We also discovered some new awesome ice breakers and learned a lot about each other. Overall, it was an awesome success. Our kids reflected and acted with love throughout the entire night. Thank you to Fr. K and Megan Ladner for making this retreat possible!