Our Parish family is grateful for a jubilant launching of our 60th year celebration which began in Divine Liturgy, the “Celebration of all Celebrations”.  A Parish Vasilopita honored our many and ever-growing Parish ministries.  Down in our fellowship hall, together we shared in a delicious homemade brunch with Parish Council serving and offering their variety of traditional Vasilopitas. The crowning point of our 60th kickoff was the unveiling of our anniversary logo and theme,

“Lord, it is good for us to be here.” (Matt 17:4), the significance of which was expressed by Fr Rick.  As Father explained, these are the words of our beloved patron Saint Peter to Jesus on Mt. Tabor, at the Holy Transfiguration, as he beheld the glory of God, experiencing His Light, along with the warmth and peace of being in His Presence.

Fr Rick likened this experience of Saint Peter to our experience of being here at Saints Peter and Paul, “Lord, it is good for us to be here.”

Fr Rick’s words were received with a response of joy and anticipation.  It was noticed how many remained in our hall to linger in this joy.

Thank you to our co-chairs of this event: Pres Jane and Christy Gouletas

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