Altar Boys

Altar boysUpon reaching 8 years old, boys are invited to become Altar Boys. The boys are divided into groups, which serve in rotation at the Altar during all worship services. Service in the Holy Altar is a beautiful ministry of the Church which enriches not only the liturgical prayer of the boys involved, but also the whole community.

Spiritual Father: Fr. Panagiotis
Director: Mr. John Buscemi, Mr. Tommy Mantice
Coordinator: Mr. Elias Papadakis


The 2018-2019 Altar Teams are here.

The 2018-2019 Altar Service Schedule is here.


For more information, contact Mr. Elias Papadakis at


Choir and Chanters

Choir and chanters“Sing praises to God; sing praises; Sing praises to our King; sing praises.” (Psalm 46:7)

Music and singing are an integral part of worship in the Orthodox Church. The musical expression of our faith is lead by both Chanters and our Choir, yet all the faithful are encouraged to raise their voice in song during the services.

Choir Practice is on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 p.m.


Our Choir Director: Therese Speropoulos

Our Organist: Helen Mariano

Our Chanters: Chris Atsaves, Nick Mechales & John Colis

For more information, please contact Therese Speropoulos at



Prosphora is the Greek word for Offerings, and refers to the bread offered by the faithful to God to be sanctified in the Holy Eucharist. Baking prosphora is a unique and tangible way for Orthodox Christians to actively participate in the Divine Liturgy. Each week several parishioners bake prosphora on behalf of the entire community.

For more information, or to join our baking schedule, please contact



A rotation of groups assist in greeting and seating worshipers, and taking up collections at all church services. Serving as an Usher is an often thankless, invisible Ministry but one of importance to the smooth functioning of the Liturgical experience.

Ushers serve once every nine or ten weeks and must be able to be at Church by 9:00 AM and be able to stand throughout the Liturgy. During Holy Week Ushers usually serve one or two times; as well as intermittently during the week at other times in the year. We are thankful for anyone who is able to serve during the week at 9:00 AM.

For more information, please contact Bo LaMotte or at