Care for Creation

“O Lord, how magnified are Your works. In wisdom You have made them all.” (Psalm 103: 24)

Garden ClubAbout Care for Creation
As Orthodox Christians, we have a responsibility for the stewardship of our environment. The purpose of our Care for Creation Ministry is to encourage commitment, implement programs, and establish community through this stewardship. In addition, we also tend to the beautification and conservation of our parish landscape including planting trees, shrubs, plants, and landscaping projects. Our Care for Creation Ministry is one of the first such orthodox church ministries in the United States. Through our ministry, we foster a spirit of volunteerism, community, and collaboration in support of our earth and the life it sustains.


  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Environment Vespers
  • Food Garden
  • Introduction of Solar Energy
  • Natural Landscape Initiative
  • Recycling program
  • Take Care of the Earth Campaign: A project to educate parishioners at 58 churches in the Chicago Metropolis on the urgent importance and our God-given responsibility and ability to mitigate man-made climate change. Will also identify best practices and resources to facilitate meaningful change in our lifestyle and buildings. Have applied for funding from the Bezos Earth Fund.

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