2022 Stewardship Budget

The stewardship budget for 2022 was approved during the 2021 Fall Assembly at $825,000, not including an estimated $375,000 for capital expenses.  This compares to the budget in 2021 of $1,100,000 which included an estimated $250,000 for capital expenses and the 2020 budget of $1,250,000 which included an estimated $500,000 for capital expenses. The combined operating and capital budgets total the stewardship budget.

Stewardship Actuals – Year to Date

For the first month ending 1/31/2022, stewardship received a total of $169,270 from 204 donor families.  Compared to the same period last year, stewardship increased by $42,654 or 34%.

Stewardship Actuals – Fiscal Year

Total Stewardship Received for FY2021 was $812,840, a 14% increase over the prior year.  It should be noted that the line item on our financial statements labeled as “Total Stewardship Received” excludes any one-time donations for stewardship whether or not it is restricted or unrestricted for operational or capital purposes.  The Budget Target for 2021 was $1,100,000 which included $250,000 for the capital project planned to replace the sanctuary HVAC.

As of 12/31/2021, we had 605 donor families supporting our ministries and annual budget compared to 543 families at 12/31/2020.  We are thankful and grateful for all your support.

To learn more about Capital Expenditures, visit the Capital webpage [click].

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