Based on our 15 Year Master Plan, the Total Capital Goal is $3,000,000.  The Master Plan dated April 26, 2019 was thoughtfully prepared with input from the parish and engagement of the architectural firm Behles + Behles located in Evanston, IL.  The Master Plan was presented at the 2019 Spring Assembly.

The Stewardship Committee made a strategic shift in 2019 to combine the Capital Campaign into the Stewardship Ministry.  The idea behind this change was to focus giving into “one ask” of our parishioners to include expenditures related to operating and capital needs.  We even coined this equation:


We intend to use stewardship proceeds to address the following parish capital project needs:

Capital Projects and Budget

In 2019, SSPP executed its first Capital Project of replacing the community center roof and HVAC.  The capital project costs for 2019 totaled $415,537  The Capital Projects are being executed by the Maintenance Committee.    

In 2020, the capital budget was estimated at $500,000.  The Capital Projects were approved during the 2019 Fall Assembly and included repairing the sanctuary roof and replacing the HVAC. Total capital project costs were $252,160 for 2020.

In 2021, a capital budget of $250,000 has been planned for the replacement of the sanctuary roof and repainting of the dome.  The capital project was approved by the assembly and the sanctuary roof and repainting of the dome were completed with costs totaling $232,371.

In 2022, a budget of $375,000 has been approved by the assembly for the replacement of the Church HVAC.