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Week in Review February 26, 2019

This year our Basketball program was blessed with awesome teams! All of our levels competed and moved on through their tournaments. Our 7th/8th grade team are the Gold division champions!

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Week in Review February 19, 2019

Last Tuesday, the GOYA got together for a “TacoTalk.” We discussed work and if it was a virtue or a necessary evil. We talked about priorities and our liturgy being defined as “work of the people.” Aside from this, Aris posed the question “Is sand yellow?” And this conversation is still being discussed a week later! A great day with the GOYA, we look forward to our next meeting this Friday!

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Week in Review February 12, 2019

This Month our GOYAn’s learned about Chrismation! We learned that we receive the Holy Spirit and we have a personal pentecost. They also learned that the Chrism is made by the Patriarch once every 10 years and is distributed to all of the parishes in the world and used in every chrismation.

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Week in Review January 29, 2019

This past weekend, our GOYAns enjoyed their Annual Paintball Outing at Paintball Explosion in East Dundee. It was a beautiful day, filled with much fun and fellowship.

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Week in Review January 22, 2019

This month for our Jr./Sr. GOYA Outing, we were supposed to go ice skating. Unfortunately, the cold left us out of the rink but luckily we got to have an awesome day at church! We started the day with some lunch, then went upstairs to the gym to play bubble soccer.

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Week in Review December 18, 2018

Every year the Junior and Senior GOYA raise money to buy presents for families in the area! This year they were able to raise enough money to buy presents for three families.

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Week in Review December 4, 2018

On Sunday, Church School had its annual St. Nicholas Project where each student in the Church School brought a gift for a girl or a boy in need! It was a beautiful day with a lot of joy! St. Nicholas must have been smiling at us this Sunday.

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Week in Review November 19, 2018

Faith Love & Joy met this Friday and made delicious pizzas for the Soup Kitchen at First Presbyterian Church in Evanston, IL. We brought our favorite toppings, got some dough and cheese, and we went to town. We made 17 pizzas for the kitchen! It was an awesome day and was a blessing to be able to give in a time of thanksgiving. Thank you to all of the parents who helped in the kitchen!

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