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Habitat Work Date Recap

We had a great day this Saturday at Habitat Lake County. We put up some drywall at a home being built in Waukegan. Brad DeSent, Maria Demos, Sophia Giannakopoulos, Pam, Tony and Margaret Dakis spent the day working on the project. We had lunch with the future home...

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Project Mexico Update Part III

With a final coat of stucco, tarring the roof, and two coats of beautiful bright blue paint, we completed the final stages of our house build for Maria and her family. All of the finishing touches were attended to, making sure the house is sealed and secure. Maria cooked us a final meal sustaining us through the end of our workday. The sun was beating hard and we were covered in stucco and blue paint, but our spirits remained high through the end of our project.

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Project Mexico Trip Update Part II

We are at the halfway mark of our trip and we are over halfway done building the home for Maria and her family. With just one more day of work and two days left on the ranch, we gathered tonight to reflect on our experience so far. As I challenged the college students...

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Project Mexico Trip Update Part I

We awaken in our tents – backs a little sore from our partially deflated air mattresses, woken not by an alarm but by the crow of a rooster, we scramble out to the communal bare bones bathrooms feet covered in a thin layer of dust, as are all of our belongings at this point, and while all of these discomforts remind us we are far from home, as we drive along the unpaved roads to our worksite, the conditions we witness make us feel like our lodgings at St. Innocent Orphanage are that of a king.

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Pastoral Message for August 2019

By the time you read this, I will have served my first liturgy as priest of this wonderful parish and partaken of the Greek Festival. I also met some of you June 28-29 for the parish feast day including members of the parish council and Philoptochos.

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GOYAlumni Beach Day Recap

Beach day was a great time for fellowship and reuniting! We had an awesome group come together and share in burgers, dogs, and beach. Tommy Mantice was on the grill and made sure that all of us were well fed, while baby Jonah even made an appearance on the hot day.

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Pastoral Message for July 2019

Over the past few years The Glenview Greek Fest has grown and developed from its reinstitution as an indoor fest to full blown outdoor festival with food tents, carnival attractions, and wonderful community involvement. This year looks to continue that development and growth.

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