AGAPE – 3 Year Old Class (Disciples)

The 3-year old Disciple Class meets 5 days a week                                                       

Monday through Friday from 8:45 AM to 1:00 PM

The goal of the 3-year old class is to continue to foster the social/emotional development of your child that began in the Fishermen Class and introduce more academic learning opportunities in a center-based environment. During this year, the students will learn to make easy transitions between structured teacher lead whole group times and more small group and individual instruction in a free-choice or playtime setting within the classroom.


The Disciple class curriculum includes a formal introduction to each letter of the alphabet, recognition of numbers 1-30, a review of geometric shapes, and special themed units like transportation and community workers. In the Disciple Class students will work on their fine motor development through skills such as cutting, printing the uppercase letters of the alphabet, and writing their first names.  The 3-year old class also enjoys learning about their Orthodox faith, singing songs, and creating art projects.



AGAPE Preschool also provides the following special programs for the 3-Year Old Class:

  • Music
  • Greek Conversation Class
  • Art
  • Come and See” which is a special time with our parish priest.




We are sensitive to food allergies and are a “NUT-FREE” early childhood center.