AGAPE – 4 Year Old Class (Apostles)


The 4-year-old Apostle Class meets
5 days a week:

Monday through Friday from

8:45 AM to 2:00 PM

The 4-year-old class is designed to academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually prepare your child for Kindergarten.  During the school year, the students will learn how to make more independent decisions through daily “Free-Choice Centers”.  These “Free-Choice Centers” are thirty-five-minute time blocks set aside each day where the children are able to make their own independent choices about where they would like to work within the classroom.  The centers include dramatic play, the block center, art center, math, writing center, and the sensory table.  During this time period, some centers are teacher-directed and others are self-directed by the child.


The Apostle Class curriculum focuses on learning the phonemes of each letter of the alphabet.  Once this skill is mastered, the teachers work with the students to combine phonemes to make and read basic sight words.  Some of the other important language/literacy skills your child will learn during this school year are: how to formally print both uppercase and lowercase letters, write their first and last names, recognize environmental text, and develop an awareness of rhymes.


Furthermore, the students will learn how to count up to 100, solve simple addition problems, form basic patterns, and skip count by 5’s and 10’s.  In addition to centers, the Apostle Class schedule also includes singing songs in Greek and English, creating art projects, story-time, and learning more about our Orthodox faith; all while making everlasting friendships with our fellow Apostles!   

AGAPE Preschool also provides the following special programs for the 4-Year Old Class:

  • Greek Conversation Class
  • “Come and See” which is a special time with our parish priest. 



We are sensitive to food allergies and are a “NUT-FREE” early childhood center