AGAPE – Kindergarten (Saints)


Agape Kindergarten plans to start up again in the fall of the 2016-17 school year.  This program will provide the nurturing and spiritual environment that Agape Preschool exudes while also offering a competitive Kindergarten curriculum comparable to the neighboring school districts that follows the state Kindergarten standards.  Additionally, our Kindergarten program will offer Greek Language Instruction, Art, Gym, Music, Come and See, Orthodox Instruction and Lunch. The hours of the program will be from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

About Our Program
Our Agape Kindergarten Program is based on the philosophy that play is every kindergarten child’s work, and that through play, children explore their environment and come to know themselves and the lifelong joy, value, and excitement of learning.  Our program is designed to meet the variety and diversity of educational needs, learning styles, and social-emotional factors that are present among young children.  The curriculum will provide students with opportunities to learn new and age appropriate concepts through hands-on discovery processes, explorations, and interdisciplinary activities.  The Kindergarten students will also have an opportunity to experience art, Come and See with Father Panagiotis, and Orthodox Instruction class once per week and to engage in physical education classes two-three times per week.

Curriculum Materials

Everyday Math Series along with additional math manipulatives and worksheets.

Language Arts
Treasures Reading Series is a research-based reading program that offers a wealth of high quality literature to engage learners. Explicit instruction and ample practice ensures students’ growth in reading proficiency. Each week’s lesson integrates grammar, writing, and spelling for a total language arts approach.

Additionally, we will be using the Reading A-Z program as a supplement to help promote phonemic awareness and to differentiate between readers.  This printable leveled book series follows the Common Core State Standards and helps build vocabulary and fluency.  Additionally, Handwriting Without Tears will be used to help with teaching writing and printing.

Why Choose Agape Kindergarten? 

  • We offer a safe and loving learning environment that will help foster the academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth of your child.
  • Smaller class size and a better teacher to student ratio than the public schools. (Limit 12 students per teacher).  This will give your child more individualized instruction which is critical during the intricate process of learning how to read.
  • Our curriculum will focus largely on phonics, reading, and math.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to learn Greek and more about his/her Orthodox Faith.
  • Our class will adhere to all of the DCFS standards and have a highly qualified teacher instructing the class.

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