Mission Statement / Philosophy


AGAPE1We at AGAPE Orthodox Christian Preschool are committed to providing an educational experience which emphasizes the Orthodox faith.  We are also committed to providing a loving, caring preschool environment where children can develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.


What is the Philosophy of AGAPE Preschool?

At AGAPE Preschool our programs are play-based.
We believe that play is the work of young children and by creating a curriculum centered around the idea of play, children are given the opportunity to learn in an effective way.  When children are encouraged to play, social interaction results.  AGAPE Preschool believes that the social interaction that occurs through play is essential to the healthy development of children.  We have found that children learn through social interactions with others.  More specifically, the language and social skills children use when working cooperatively and collaboratively with peers and teachers promotes cognitive development.