Our Senior and Junior GOYA went to All Seasons Orchard all the way in Woodstock, Illinois. We started at Saints Peter and Paul, loaded our cars and took off to our apple picking adventure. When we got there, the orchard was well picked, and most of the apples in reach were already picked. The only ripe remaining apples were at the top of each tree and so our GOYAn’s did some problem solving. It began by simply throwing apples at other apples to have them fall down, then it developed into making a human tower, and then finally Vaggeli discovered a giant stick. The GOYAn’s, led by Andrew Pappas, would reach the apples with the stick and knock them to the others waiting to catch the ripe fruit from above. It was awesome and we got some really delicious apples!

After all of our apples were picked, and we collectively ate no less than 50 apples, we took a wagon ride back to the barnyard where we fed animals, pet goats, and watched bunnies. When our time at the barn came to an end, we finished the day with apple cider doughnuts!

On the way home, we hit some traffic and we ended up spending the same time in the car as we did at the orchard, BUT we listened and sang to classic songs such as sweet Home Alabama, Bohemian Rhapsody and All-Star by Smash Mouth. The trip was a success and we really came together as a group. Thank you to our advisors and to Kiki Liberopoulos for driving!

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