Environmental Ministry Charter

• To encourage commitment, implement programs, and establish community through stewardship of the environment.



  • To bring more awareness to the parish members of the responsibility as Orthodox Christians to protect the environment for our future generations.
  • To implement environmental programs such as the reduction in the generation of waste, reduction in the consumption of energy, conservation of water, and the introduction of renewable energy all of which can set an example to the parishioners of the church.
  • To foster a spirit of volunteerism among our church community as a way to help increase interest in and stewardship of the environment.

Benefits to Parish & Community 

● Community and fellowship
● Involvement of new parishioners
● Volunteerism
● Care for the environment
● Cross-ministry programming

Meeting Schedule

Frequency: Monthly
Time: After church
Location: Church

Interested parties are welcome to be members.

Members currently are:
• Frank Andreou
• Tom Anton
• Judy Kintonis
• Peter Koulogeorge
• Tatiana Lehocky
• Mark Lucas
• Daphne Mazarakis
• George Nassos
• Elaine Salapatas
• Jimmy Samartzis
• John Vlahakis

Ministry Contact Information