On February 16th the Parish announced that Chris Atsaves will be receiving the Inaugural Servant Leadership Award at the Metropolis event on May 1st.

We nominate Chris Atsaves for the Servant Leadership Award for his outstanding influence within our church, our parish community, and our Greek community at large. Chris epitomizes the spirit of service. He is our chanter for our sacraments, sings in our choir, and plays an important role at our festival. He leads by example for our youth by sharing his love for our church, coaching basketball, and serving as athletic director. He forms relationships with the adults, organizes the golf outings, and is the first to find people to serve in our soup kitchens. Life is not just fun and basketball, but it is service and participation in the spiritual life of the church. He serves as a Parish Council Member and was President, as well as the Stewardship Chair, always encouraging others to give more. Everyone knows him, and he knows everyone.

Chris is a true model of an absolute Christian. Congratulations!

For more information about The Inaugural Servant Leadership Awards Banquet, click here or contact the Banquet Chairperson, Jacqueline Mathews at (773) 701-3675