Christ is Risen!

Dear Parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul,

As we continue the Paschal season leading up to Pentecost, I wanted to provide you with a brief
update on the search for a clergyman for our parish.

Later this summer, we will welcome Fr. Rick Andrews as our new Proistameno and head priest.
Fr. Rick joins us after 20 years at St. George parish in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has recently
completed his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family counseling and is in his 25 th year of priesthood,
having also served at Holy Apostles in Westchester and Kimissis in Racine. Fr. Panagiotis will
continue his pastoral ministry at SS Peter and Paul as associate pastor. Although roles will shift,
the council foresees the assignment providing complimentary and strong leadership for the
parish, aligned with our history, supporting our strategic plan, and enabling our growth and
stability into the future.

The timing and details of Fr. Rick’s assignment will be coordinated over the summer and will be
communicated as available. Please join me in offering a heartfelt welcome to Father Rick and
Presbytera Jane when they arrive.

I will close with a thank you to the community for your patience, prayer, and effort through this
process, as we worked together to live the faith at Saints Peter and Paul.

In Christ,

Keith Anderson, Parish Council President