Volunteer Your Talent

Volunteer Your Talent at Saints Peter and Paul

This new group has formed in response to various needs that come up at our parish at random times requiring different abilities.

When a specific job presents itself to our parish, we will post the following:
–EXACT type of work requested
–EXACT time (s) needed
–EXACT date (s) required

We know our parishioners are busy!! We also know we are blessed to be supported by a large community of multi-talented people of all ages! We promise to respect your time and clearly indicate needs that arise. Please consider donating your time and talents to support our church! Even a small amount of time is appreciated!

Volunteer At Large Co-Ordinator
Sylvia Creatura

Currently in the works:

Library clean-up project: A round of thanks go out to Dr. Helen Theodoropoulos, Eve Christie, Toni Maragos, Carol Wells, and Nancie Poulos for spending 7 days, totaling 16 hours, helping me to clean up our church library! We went through each shelf cleaning and grouping books by topic. We will continue organizing the books within the shelves in September after a well- deserved summer break!

Thank you also to Andrew Pappas who took many heavy books we decided to donate to Goodwill!

More volunteer projects will be announced soon, including…

— Finishing the library clean up project over the course of several weeks
— Massive clean up of the closet areas all throughout the church
— Serving helpers will be needed for a conference hosted by our parish in the fall

We have a great time, make new friends, and help out our church! Come join us when you can!

Sylvia Creatura