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‘Let a friend be with you on every occasion, and let brethren be useful in necessities, for they were begotten for this reason.’ Proverbs 17:19

Our goal, with all of our Youth and Young Adult Ministries, is to build up the fellowship among the youth of our community.  Ultimately, our goal is to grow closer to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, naturally forming us as stronger and more committed Orthodox Christians.

Our current Youth and Young Adult Ministry Programs include:

  • HOPE Group: HOPE is our infant and toddler Youth Ministry.  The HOPE group meets once a week (see parish calendar for details) and is a great opportunity for our youngest youth and their parents to get together for fellowship and fun.  If you would like more information about HOPE, please contact Presbytera Nichole at
  • Faith, Love, & Joy (FLJ): Our K-5 Youth Ministry, FLJ meets once a month, on the first Monday of the month.  At our gatherings, we break into small groups and rotate through mini-sessions of Orthodox Life, Arts & Crafts, and Activities.  Parents are welcome to stay for dinner and fellowship amongst themselves, or to just drop off their kids.  If you would like more information about FLJ, please contact our Youth Director, Fr. Kosmas at
  • Junior & Senior GOYA: Our Junior (6th-8th grade) and Senior GOYA (9th-12th) Youth Ministry gather separately each month for meetings where we discuss and plan upcoming events, discuss the current Feast Days of our Church, and also have a whole lot of fun.  We also gather often for fellowship and outreach events.  Keep an eye on our parish calendar for upcoming events and meeting times.  If you would like more information on Junior or Senior GOYA, please contact our Youth Director, Fr. Kosmas at

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