March 26, 2019

Sunday of Orthodoxy

Our Church School came together 2 Sundays ago to display the triumph of Orthodoxy! Each class gathered and marched icons throughout the parish in celebration of Icons and Orthodoxy.

Jr. GOYA Meeting
Shoutout to Ana and Vaggeli for reading the prayers to the Theotokos and to Christ at our Meeting last week. Great discussion on Confession for all our GOYAn’s!

GOYA Retirement Home Visit

Our Junior and Senior GOYA visited the Greek American Rehab and Care center last Sunday! We celebrated St. Patricks Day, we went from room to room getting to know residents and then finished our day with some awesome games of Bingo! We loved sitting down and hearing our new friends old stories and they gave us a lot to think about, whether words of wisdom or great laughs. It was a great experience.