Week in Review March 26, 2019

Our Junior and Senior GOYA visited the Greek American Rehab and Care center last Sunday! We celebrated St. Patricks Day, we went from room to room getting to know residents and then finished our day with some awesome games of Bingo! We loved sitting down and hearing our new friends old stories and they gave us a lot to think about, whether words of wisdom or great laughs. It was a great experience.

Week in Review February 19, 2019

Last Tuesday, the GOYA got together for a “TacoTalk.” We discussed work and if it was a virtue or a necessary evil. We talked about priorities and our liturgy being defined as “work of the people.” Aside from this, Aris posed the question “Is sand yellow?” And this conversation is still being discussed a week later! A great day with the GOYA, we look forward to our next meeting this Friday!

Week in Review February 12, 2019

This Month our GOYAn’s learned about Chrismation! We learned that we receive the Holy Spirit and we have a personal pentecost. They also learned that the Chrism is made by the Patriarch once every 10 years and is distributed to all of the parishes in the world and used in every chrismation.