Educational Materials

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Resources on the Wisdom of the Church Fathers
Wisdom of the Church Fathers, Fall 2020 Powerpoint

Resources on Hymns and Prayers of the Divine Liturgy
Lord Have Mercy

Resources on Prayer
Prayer is a Way of Life
Difficulties in prayer
Meeting God in Prayer Bullet points from first few sessions
On The Lord’s Prayer by Bishop Nikolai
OUR FATHER by Mother Alexandra
Prayers for Family
Prayers for Healing in Times of Sickness
On Memorial Prayers by Fr. Panagiotis Boznos
The Jesus Prayer
Notes on Prayers for the Dead
Layman’s prayer for the departed
The Prayer of St. Patrick
Reflections on the Prayer of St. Patrick
Prayers for Our Enemies

Resources on Modern Saints
Bishop Nicolai Bless my Enemies
Mother Maria quotes
On The Lord’s Prayer by Bishop Nikolai
St John Kronstadt On Prayer
St Porphyrios of Kasvskokalyvia Selections

Resources on Saint Paul and his Teachings:
Timeline of St. Paul’s Life and Missionary Journeys
Map of St. Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Resources on the Saints in the SS Peter and Paul Dome:
“What do you mean, ‘Pray to the Saints?'” with Frederica Matthews-Green
“Be the Bee” episode on Relics

Resources on The Sacraments:
Rituals and Sacraments (OCN)
Reception into the Catechumenate (OCN)
Baptism and Chrismation (OCN)
Infant Baptism (GOA)
The Eucharist (OCN)
The Eucharist II (OCN)
Holy Unction (OCN)
Holy Matrimony (OCN)
The Journey of Marriage
Marriage in the Orthodox Church
St. John Chrysostom on Marriage
Holy Orders (OCN)
The Priesthood
The Sacrament of Confession (OCN)
On Confession and Communion (by Fr. Alexander Schmemann)
Excuses for Sins
Are You Scared of Confession? (OCN)

General Educational Materials:
Recommended Reading for Adults
Recommended Reading for Children
Reading the Bible
The Major Feast Days of the Orthodox Church
Useful Websites for Orthodox Resources

Resources on The Creed:
“The Creed” by Fr. Thomas Hopko, from Doctrine, Volume 1
The Nicene Creed by Fr. Thomas Hopko
The Creed with Scripture references
“The Psychology of Core Beliefs and the Therapy of the Creed” by Fr. Alexis Trader
Ancient Christian Wisdom:  A blog on the Creed by Fr. Alexis Trader
Fr. John Breck on Creation, Article 1
Fr. John Breck on Creation, Article 2
Fr. John Breck on the Story of Adam and Eve
Maria McDowell on Science and Orthodoxy
Fr. George Hallam on Orthodoxy and creationism

Resources on The Nativity of our Lord:
Advent and Nativity Resources posted by the Greek Archdiocese
Other Advent Resources
Article: “Unless the Lord Comes to Us: Advent Reflections”

Materials on Raising Kids in the Church:
Three Cheers for Sports
How to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent
How to Raise an Orthodox Christian, and, Possibly, a Saint
Creating an Iconostasion
What Makes an Orthodox Home?
Five Ways to Enjoy Church with Your Children
Children’s Participation during the Divine Liturgy
The Tale of a Lazy Parent
Planting Seeds of Stillness
Talking to your Children about Tragedy and Violence
St. John Chrysostom on Marriage & Parenting

A Child’s Prayer Rope Petitions
A Parent’s Prayer
“On Silence, Stillness, Solitude” by Fr. John Breck
“Be Still and Know that I am God” by Fr. Andrew Jarmus

Materials Regarding the Divine Liturgy:
Participating in the Eucharist: A Way of Life or a Social Occasion?
Divine Liturgy Outline
The Importance of Sunday
Church Etiquette – Antiochian Archdiocese of America
Receiving Holy Communion

Resources for Great Lent:
Archdiocesan Resource for Great Lent
> Enriching articles on prayer, fasting and Lenten worship to assist on your Lenten Journey
St. John Chrysostom on Fasting
“Layers in Lent” by Tony Vrame – G.O.A. Director of Religious Education
The Date of Pascha
Worship in Lent by Tony Vrame – G.O.A. Director of Religious Education
The Lamb of God by Tony Vrame – G.O.A. Director of Religious Education